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Thank you for taking the to visit our website, we hope it helps you decide if you want to come in and meet with us. Although it’s hard to guess where each inquiry will come from, every day calls come in and we are very grateful for your support. We get to do what we love while capturing photos of couples who are in love and that is what we are passionate about. We never cease to feel blessed that couples pay us to do what we love. It’s hard to explain how appreciative we are that our occupation involves showing couples and families how important and how epic their lives really are. Each week we have the opportunity to capture the magic moments that make life meaningful. It’s exciting to us that we are creating gifts that will actually be a part of your family’s history for generations to come. When it all comes down it, we specialize in taking photos of life’s special moments that look like they belong in a magazine. Our goal is to showcase you and all the nuances of your personality that your friends and family love.

Why Is Epic Tulsa Wedding Photography Oklahoma’s Best Wedding Service Provider? At Epic, we have custom-tailored nearly every aspect of our service to accomodate the unique needs of the brides and grooms that we work with. Over the years, we have systematically invested time to hear from thousands of couples and to REALLY LISTEN to their preferences, desires and overall feedback.


And What Has Our Research Shown Us?

  • You want customization – As a woman (or a seriously dedicated man who is helping to plan the wedding) you are well aware of how discerning you are. You have your own vision for how the wedding photos should look. Many brides tell us that they have spent hours scouring the internet looking at tons if wedding photos just to get “ideas” for the big day. By this point you probably have some specific shots that you want, and some particular editing styles that you want to avoid. At Epic, we are prepared to offer sit down with you, to show you different images and to work together to really discover what you want and don’t want out of your Tulsa wedding photographer.
  • You want experience on your side – Our leadership team has recognized by the Journal Record as being “One of Oklahoma’s Fastest Growing Companies,” and we’ve been named to the Knot.com’s “Best of Weddings” honor roll in the category of wedding photography. Having been in the industry since 1999, we have worked with thousands of girls on their big day and we have found that nearly 100% of the time the bride is nervous about something. She might be nervous about remembering her vow, or making sure that she says hello to everyone, the details of the decoration or just incredible enormity of the situation. Regardless of the reason, we know you’ll probably be nervous on the day of your wedding and the last thing you want to be worrying about is the overall professionalism of the photographer. You’ll find at Epic, all of our photographers are warm, upbeat and outgoing people who are committed to making your wedding photography experience the best it can be.
  • You want to work with professionals who offer convenient service and a reasonable turn-around time – At Epic, our customer service and editing team is available from 10 – 6 PM (Monday – Friday), for the convenience of our brides. If you need something, just give us a call. We realize that for some reason in the Tulsa wedding photography industry (and in other markets), most photography studios are closed on Monday and most wedding photos taken 6 months to get back to the bride. We are constantly asked by brides if we take 6 months to get the wedding photos back to them. It seems like everyone knows somebody who hired a wedding photographer that took 6 months or a year to edit and get their wedding photos back to them. That’s crazy.
  • You want a style of photography that reflects your personal sense of style – At Epic we let you choose what style of editing you want and what overall style of photography you like. Our style is your style. Every weekend we have the opportunity to work with brides all over the country and we continue to be amazed by how many personal style preferences are out there. We’ve worked with super-fashionable couples who focus on style and class. We’ve worked with urban and artistic couples who want to focus on having an eco-friendly wedding in a setting that represents the minimalism they want to promote. We’ve worked with couples having their beautiful wedding in a small church who want “traditional” photography. Whether you want a photojournalistic approach or more of a classic approach, we know you want to have input in the style of photography that will be used to capture the nuances of your big day.
  • You want to try it before you buy it – We let you try it before you buy it. For some reason you can try a car before you buy it, you can try out frozen yogurt before you buy it, but you can’t try out your photographer before you buy it. On an intellectual level and from a basic marketing level, we can’t seem to wrap our minds around this. Maybe we’re just simple, but at Epic we always let you try out our services before you make a buying decision. Once you’ve conversed with one of the charming members of our team on the phone, witnessed the humor, joy and sense of style showcased by our actual photography session and witnessed the magic of the editing magazine-quality touchup process, we are confident that you’ll choose Epic.
  • You want reasonable pricing – Years ago we were at a Bridal Show and a woman came up to the booth asking what she could get for $6,000? After talking to her for a minute, we discovered that another photographer had just quoted her $6,000 for their services on the day of the wedding. Although these economics and prices might make sense if you are a single photographer who can physically only be in once place at a time, that’s just not the way we do business at Epic. At Epic we schedule back-up photographers that are ready in case of an emergency. You won’t get stuck with a hiring a $6,000 photographer who is unable to show-up when one of life’s unexpected emergencies occur. When you work with Epic, you get to benefit from our overall size. Because we are a larger company, we have the ability to do multiple events on the same day and we also do heavy amounts of commercial photography during the week. To you, this just means that we can offer you great photography at lower prices and with better customer service without the risk that we might not actually show up on the big day in the event of an emergency.

Everything You Would Ever Want To Know And Not Want To Know About Wedding Photography: The term “wedding photography” is the photographing of activities that are related to weddings. Wedding photography refers to all photos that are taken of the couple before the actual marriage (wedding announcements, the facebook profiles, the Facebook wedding invitations, etc…) as well as the actual photographing of the wedding and the wedding reception. Over the years wedding photography has become a major commercial industry in the United States and throughout the world. Because brides and grooms generally only get married once, the demand for wedding photography remains high. Brides and grooms want to make sure that they get the best photographer for the “best day in their life” (up to that point). Today wedding photography is the major revenue source that props up many photography studios and operations throughout the world.


Over the years, the profession known as wedding photography has continued to evolve along with photography technology itself. Since the photographic art form was invented in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce, much has changed. In the first few years after the invention of the photography art form most couples did not hire a wedding photographer. The cost was prohibitive and thus it was only used by the elite families of high society. In fact, most people did not even pose for formal wedding photos during the wedding until the latter half of the 19th century. However, many couples would pose in their best clothing before or after a wedding. This all began to change in the late 1860s. During this time, more and more couples began posing in their wedding attire. Some affluent couples of the day would even hire a photographer to come to their wedding venue.

During this time photography equipment was much more bulky than the equipment used today. Thus, wedding photography was mainly a studio related practice for much of the late 19th century. Even as the technology continued to improve many couples still elected to only pose for a single wedding portrait. During the 1880s wedding albums began to become more and more commonplace. With this new advance in wedding photography the photographers began to include more and more photos of the wedding party. Often times, the wedding gifts would be displayed and captured in the photographs as well. People during this time finally began to embrace many of the common wedding photographs that we see today. During the early 20th century, the invention of color photography began to become more and more available.

However, with the invention of color photography there was a problem. The colors were very unreliable and they were very expensive. Thus, not too many young couples were excited about the idea of “paying an arm and a leg” for photos that had the potential to look alien-like in many respects. During this time most couples continued to stay with the trusted black and white wedding photos. The whole idea of capturing the wedding as an “event” did not really came about until after World War II. During this time photographers throughout the world began to use the film roll technology and the numerous highly-improved lighting techniques that were becoming available with the invention of the compact flash bulb. Photographers during this period often began to randomly show up at weddings. After the wedding, they would try to sell the photos to the couples whom they had photographed. This bold approach to profiting from wedding photography began to change wedding photography forever.

As this new revenue source began to become more and more abundant the competition forced the studio photographers to begin working their magic on location. At first the studio photographers brought incredible amounts of bulky equipment, which ultimately limited their ability to actually record the event. Even the photos that were considered to be “candid” were usually staged during this time period. “Hold her like this.” “Stand like that.” “Tilt your heads forward.” Phrases like this could be heard at wedding and reception venues everywhere. In the 1970s this all began to change. We cannot prove it, but we do believe that John Travolta, the Bee Gees and Marvin Gaye had something to do with this. During this time of disco dancing and romancing, the modern approach to wedding photography that is common place today began to emerge. Photographers began capturing weddings with a more “candid” approach. Many photographers began to believe that they were simply there to “document” the events of the night in a creative way versus the old belief that they were there to actually create posed situations by instructing couples how to stand, where to stand and what they should be doing.


Photography Technology: During the “film era” (as it now known), professional photographers preferred the incredible color negative film and medium-format cameras, especially the one produced by the Hasselblad Company. However, now most weddings are captured with the digital SLR cameras. Today the digital cameras provide numerous conveniences that allow a skilled photographer to take your wedding photos to the next level. Today’s cameras provide ultra-quick detection of lighting mishaps and the various debacles that a photographer will encounter on any given night.


This quick detection allows a photographer to have increased control over nearly all creative aspects of the final wedding photography product. Today, photography industry is at a cross-roads. Film use is drastically diminishing, yet some photographers continue to shoot with film as they claim to prefer the pure, aesthetic film look. Some photographers claim that negative film actually captures more information than the digital technology available today. There are even other photographers that refuse to use a calculator as they believe that the abicus provides them with a better “count for their money.”

However, we think that we can all agree that digital technology certainly minimizes the opportunity for exposure errors. Although today’s digital cameras do allow for differentiating exposure latitude (based on the manufacturer’s preferences), the overall quality of the photographs has gone up while the photographer’s margin for error has gone down. Today all forms of RAW (the RAW IMAGE FORMAT) digital photos are ever improving at speeds that are mind-boggling. As Canon and Nikon continue to compete for market share the quality of the cameras being produced continues to improve. Today the photography technology is improving in all areas. Remote triggers and flashes are improving exponentially as well. Today wedding photographers are now able to actually take advantage of the “traveling light” while using their creativity to adjust the lighting to create the special effects that they are picturing in their mind’s eye.

The 2 Primary Approaches Found In Today’s Wedding Photography: There are basically two primary approaches to wedding photography that are well known today. These are “traditional” and “photojournalistic.” For some reason aquatic and aerial photography has not quite caught on yet. The traditional wedding photography style of today provides the bride with more classically posed shots and images. This style of photography requires a great deal of interaction from the photographer on the day of the wedding. However, in photojournalistic wedding photography the wedding photographer actually takes his cues from the movements of the couple. The photojournalist wedding photographer focuses on attempting to achieve the editorial reporting styles commonly used in the media. The photographer works to capture candid moments as they happen. This style of photography requires more skill because the photographer must capture the necessary candid events as they happen in a way that is both flattering and genuine to the couple and their relationship. An unskilled photojournalistic wedding photographer can take photos that show the couple looking awkward at all times. A third style which is just now beginning to become more popular in America is the fashion-based approach. At Epic Photography we enjoy this style greatly. In the contemporary/fashion-based wedding photography scene, photojournalistic images of the wedding special events are combined with posed images that are inspired by the editorial fashion photography styles that one would typically only expect to find in high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan or Vanity Fair.

This new style of photography also now involves more innovative and dramatic post-processing of images. An interesting development that has been taking place lately in Asian countries such as China is wedding studio photography. Couples electing to utilize this style typically select a studio in a way that is very similar to how western couples actually choose their wedding photographer. The couple will then schedule an appointment for their in-studio or location-shoot. These shoots then usually become “glamour wedding shots.” Usually the couples will bring along a hair stylist and a make-up artist. During the shoot the couple will go through numerous outfit changes. They will continually change clothing and backgrounds all day until they have achieved the ultimate fashion photos they were striving for. Although the word is often misused, the term “contemporary wedding photography” is used to describe wedding photography that is not of a traditional nature. The emphasis of “contemporary wedding photography” is to capture the romance and the story of the couple’s big day.


The idea is to create photographs that allow the viewer to gain a new appreciation for the way that the actual wedding day was. Because the couple getting married is usually the main “viewer” of the wedding photos after the wedding they generally express appreciation that the nuances of their big day were captured with great detail by the camera. Over time, some people have mistakenly referred to “contemporary wedding photography” when referring to any photograph that was not posed or formal in nature. Today the advancement of digital photography and decreased prices of technology has allowed many people to begin offering their services as a wedding photographer, and this has been a bad thing for many couples. Essentially today, there are college students all over the country who have been given a high-end camera, and now they are referring to themselves as wedding photographers.

Because the technology has allowed many of them to create a semi-decent portfolio, they have begun marketing themselves over the internet. All is well until the day of the wedding when they completely miss the nuances of the wedding day because they are lacking of the experience found in a skilled and experienced wedding photographer. My friends, contemporary wedding photography is more than just taking pictures of groups of humans at wedding receptions. Skilled photography involves a firm understanding of composition, lighting, timing, the nuances of the wedding, and refined creativity.

Today, photography is an evolving art form just as it has been for the past 100 years. The landscape of wedding photography is radically changing and for the most part these radical changes are good for the brides and good for the photographers. Essentially, as technology is getting better and better it is allowing skilled photographers to take their craft to the next level. Photography is truly a creative discipline and the leaders in the industry (such as Epic Photography) are always sharing their ideas with the photography community as a whole. Over time as trends develop, some core elements of today’s wedding photography will fall to the way side, while other core fundamentals involving lighting and composition will remain the same.

Prints, Albums, Story Book Albums, Canvas Prints and Other Products: Most wedding photographers operating in the United States today are offering some if not all of the following products and services:

  • Candid Photography – This photography involves the anticipation and capturing of the candid moments that happen during a wedding ceremony and reception. Only a skilled photographer can capture the candid moments as they happen in a way that is flattering of the couple.
  • Indoor photography – Indoor photography involves taking photos within the church, inside the house, in the studio, or within the venue location of choice.
  • Outdoor photography – This type of photography usually involves the photographer and the subject taking photos in a beautiful park setting, in a downtown environment, near a wall that provides interesting texture or at some scenic location of choice by the couple.
  • Posed photography – This type of photography involves posing the couple, posing the wedding party and posing anybody and everybody that the couple wishes to be included in their photo session. Although the majority of photographers today are leaning towards the photojournalist approach, most couples still do desire formal shots of their loved ones on their wedding day.
  • Formal portraiture – Although this art form is declining exponentially in popularity, a formal portrait of a bride and groom can still be a gorgeous way to display a couple’s love for the entire world to see. Many couples elect to have their formal portraits out and on display as their guests arrive at their wedding reception.
  • Digital services – Creating digital prints, post wedding editing, post wedding touch-ups, file backup and slideshow creation are just a few of the products offered by most of today’s leading photographers.
  • Albums – Albums today often range from the traditional photo albums that have been around for twenty years to the more contemporary flush mounted photo albums. Today books produced by Graphi and Miller’s Photography Printing can run up costs in the thousands of dollars.
  • Canvas prints – Just as wealthy couples used to commission prints of themselves and their families to be printed on beautiful canvases, brides of all budgets today can elect to have their photos printed on beautiful canvases.

Because we are living in America, there is a wide array of deliverables that couples can expect to receive from their photographers. Today, some photographers just include a CD of all of the photos that were taken. Some photographers do not provide their couples with a negative of their photos at all. However, today most photographers do provide some kind of proofs for their clients’ viewing pleasure. Today many photographers also provide an online proof gallery of all of the photos that were taken. Today some photographers provide some beautiful and digitally designed “coffee table” albums, contemporary flush mount albums, hardbound books, scrapbook style albums, or a combination of the various things listed above. Albums may be included in some photographer’s packages and may not be included in others. Most photographer’s today charge based on the number of hours that they are “working” your wedding.


At Epic Photography, we believe this idea is ridiculous. At Epic Photography we know that you have invited friends and family from all over the country to attend your wedding, thus you are going to want to see everyone. At Epic we are also aware the most brides living in the U.S. today invite 150 guests. With 150 guests and an average 4 hour reception, that leaves slightly more than 1.3 minutes per guest for you to visit. Do you deserve a little more than 1.3 minutes to talk with your friends and family on your wedding day? We believe so. Today in the professional wedding photography market, most photographers allow their clients to purchase additional prints for their family and friends. Some photographers also now provide online sales options for their clients and their family and friends. Essentially your Mom, your cousin, your best friend and your Cousin Eddie can now go online to place the order of the photos they want as opposed to having to call you directly. This will save you time and money. You won’t have to mediate every order from every guest. You won’t have to worry about making sure that everyone gets a photo. You can now just direct your friends and family to your unique online gallery and they are all set, so you can get back to writing those thank you cards.


Many photographers today are now electing to include some high-resolution files of your photos in their wedding packages. These photo pros are allowing their clientele to get limited rights to reproduce these images for their personal use. Basically the couple could not go and use their photos on a huge billboard to promote their favorite deodorant of choice or some other commercial product, but they could go to Sam’s Club to print out a bunch of 4 x 6 photos if they wanted to. Not many photographers are releasing the files at this point, and those that do are generally charging a large amount for this service. Most of the photographers who are in the business who do not wish to retain a copyright of their work, usually charge much more for their photography services. The photographer then includes the disk as part of their wedding photography package. The clients then have unrestricted use of the images and they can print out those photos for any use they desire.

If they want to print out their photos and mount them on the Goodyear blimp to promote their wedding, they could do it. If they wanted to use their wedding photos to promote a product they could do this as well. In the country of Australia (which is known for its Vegemite), couples are given legal rights to their wedding photos as long as the photos were taken at a private function. So if a couple in Australia got married at a government run fair of some sort, they would not be given the rights to their photos. I bet that is really tough on the government-run-fair-wedding-photography-location business. Today the wedding industry in America has now become one of the most elite forms of photography in the marketplace. The wedding industry is filled with the top names within the photography industry. Because a wedding is a one-time event, the photographer must always expect the unexpected. The photographer must be experienced with weddings and the nuances of photography as an art form. Shooting a wedding involves the photographer standing on their feet for hours and hours constantly looking for the perfect angle and that perfect moment for that once-in-a-lifetime wedding moment. The photographer must be constantly scanning the room looking for fabulous photography moments.

A large part of being able to anticipate the candid moments as they happen is related to the level of pre-wedding planning that the photographer and the couple put into the months leading up the wedding. Communication and planning are absolutely critical. Providing the photographer with a timeline of the wedding and reception events must happen. The photographer must also be provided with a list of all of the family and friends that the photographer is expected to capture on film at some point. If you think that the photographer must get a photo of your Uncle Bill and your Aunt Bonnie, then you must communicate to the photographer before the event in writing. Photographers must also be skilled in the nuances of tactfully leading the way through the reception. It is very important that your photographer is assertive enough to bring order to the a rowdy wedding party or to a large group photo shot in a way that is not offensive, but that gets the job done. Today many photographers also bring an assistant with them whose job it is to carry the equipment, to arrange guests, to fetch Redbulls, to assist with any clothing adjustments, and to hold the proper lighting equipment at the right time. Many photography assistants are photographers in training.

Professional Wedding Photography Organizations: At Epic Tulsa Wedding Photography we are proud to say that we are part of the downtown Tulsa Wedding Mall on 5th Street. This great project provides brides and grooms with the ability to interview and connect with the top wedding photographers, videographers, limousine services, entertainment services, floral companies, wedding cake producers and wedding planners all in one afternoon. At Epic Tulsa Wedding Photography we are also big fans of making sure that we interview our clients to find out what we are doing well and what we could do better at all times. Thus, we are not big fans of joining the various wedding photography associations that are out there. For some reason we are not big fans of going to events to share the secret sauce that makes our brides and grooms so happy. However, the following organizations are sincerely trying to improve the wedding photography industry and we respect that.


The Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the  Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) all work diligently to improve the wedding photography industry. WPJA awards an annual Photographer of the Year Award to recognize the best in wedding photojournalism. The WNBA is not affiliated with wedding photography in any way. Some of the standards and requirements for professional organizations vary, however membership often indicates that a photographer is insured. If a photographer is insured then they will have the money available to refund you the cash should photos be destroyed. Some of the professional organizations offer numerous annual conferences, training, awards, photography resources, product catalogs, various acronyms and things of value. In the UK those fun folks have a few main governing bodies that oversee the wedding photography industry. These groups are the Institute of Professional Photographers, the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers and the Master Photographers Association.

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Glossary of Photography terms:

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  • How to plan a destination wedding:
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  • How to shoot weddings using warm tones sparingly:
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The following additional content was written for the expansion of the website’s searchability, but not for the website’s readability. If you read the wedding photographer information posted below, we wish you the best, but don’t read it too long or your head might explode like an old school flash lens: Wedding photography is the photograping of images relating to weddings and marriage ceremonies. This thing really has to do with everything involing the bride and grooming before their wedding, during the bridals and during their engagements. It is very popular in the professional and industrial photography industries to own a full-time business that relates to the field of photography. Very similarly to the actual photography technology itself, the overall discipline of wedding photos has grown and changed since it was created as an art form.


Most people are unaware of this, but in the rural Minnesota town where I grew up nearly no one ever paid for professional photography if somebody used one of those disposeable cameras that was simply ok. In our family if we used fanny packs to serves as camera straps. If we couldn’t find our “fanny packs” we would usually just go out and ask our uncle to serve as a human tripod. We would ask him to just assume a three point stance and then we would mount the camera right on this back to keep the image from getting blurry from all of the motion and shaking that would have normally occurred if we have taken a photo without being fully prepared and that would have been embarrasing.

Now growing up in rural Minnesota would have made in tough for a wedding photographer in Tulsa. First off the weather would not been conducive to the needs of their lenses and the tolerance levels of their camera gear. SInce the camera was first used as an art form by the late Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826, the camera was not intended to put out in the cold like that. If you take one of those fancy Canon cameras and you put it in a snow bank it is not going to work very well and that’s a fact. The camera that Joseph created was actually a recreation for the wedding of Queen Victoria and that man that we all love and trust named Prince Albert. If you ever meet someone that tells you that they have a “Prince Albert” you are going to want to stay away from this person as they may not be safe or credible. Well back to the story. When it comes to Minnesota and photography, it’s best that these 2 ideas do not intersect very often. It’s really best that the cameras and the tripods are left out of the snow banks.

Additional Information About Epic Tulsa Wedding Photographers: What makes Epic so different from other wedding photographers?

  • Epic Photography is the only photography company in Oklahoma and Texas offering UNLIMITED TIME standard with each and every package that we offer. Why? We offer this simply because countless brides and grooms have asked us to provide this service benefit. It just makes sense. Planning an event for 12 months only to be rushed through your big day just doesn’t make much sense.
  • Epic is one of the few companies in the country that offers countless customization and style options for each couple. It’s amazing to us because we photograph so many weddings per year, but literally almost every bride and groom that we work with have a completely unique style when it comes to their wedding photography. Some couples like bright photos, some couples like modern editing, some couples like dark images, some couples appreciate a photojournalistic approach, yet still other couples prefer traditional posing for their wedding photos. So who is right? Who’s opinion is the most valid? When it comes to your wedding photos, your opinion is the only one that matters to us. So we will take the time to show you an array of images so that you can tell us which ones you like and which ones you don’t like. Then we can record this information into our system to create a wedding photography experience that is unique to you and your style.